Mark Watts Studios NFT's

Mark Watts Studios NFT's

New NFT Reliece:



New NFT Reliece:

Just finished Transformers Toy Room dropping it tomorrow in collaboration with @MarkWattsStudio .an OG Transformers G1 artist at 9:00 am PST / 09:30 pm IST. DM to know more.
Title: Autobots Assemble
Artwork Description:
I never had a dream room as a kid, and it took a while to make that possible. This Toy Room celebrates 80's and 90's toys, especially Transformers. I created a dream room of a Transformers fan in collaboration with Mark Watts, an OG Transformers G1 artist, and Mark's original artwork is featured on the walls as posters.

Drop Link:

Mark Watts is the Original G1 Transformer Artist from 1981 and beyond creating over 50 boxes and related items.


Own a piece of history...with your name attached in the block chain for all time .... Also Receive Hi Rez Art Created from original files that were used to create Box Art Cheers !

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Mark Watts is the Original G1 TRANSFORMER Artist from 1981 and beyond. He is famous for iconic artworks many of us remember very well.

Selected Famous Products & Artworks
45+ boxes of the 1st Generation 1 Transformer Set; 1st Generation 1 blister packs with Bumble Bee, Decepticons Set, Construction Set, Shockwave, Jet Fire, and many more
Tyco Toys Crash Dummies boxes
Movie poster for “Pink Cadillac” starring Clint Eastwood
Selected book covers:
The Odessa File
Day of the Jackal
The Dogs of War

Exhibitions & Events:
Society of Illustrators Club in New York City
“Reflections” at the Sunset Cultural Center in Carmel
Hershey Antique Auto Museum (AACA Museum), Pennsylvania, one of the world’s top automotive museums
Featured artist at the 12th annual Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance 2018 presented by AutoNation and Mercedes-Benz

Walt Disney
The Rolling Stones
Warner Brothers Pictures
Paramount Pictures
Tyco Toys
Avon Book
William Morrow Publishing

Mark Watts loves life. And he loves to entertain the people around him, including you! Mark’s career as an artist includes designing around 50 boxes of the first Generation 1 Transformer Set.

Mark uses materials and techniques like Traditional airbrush on hot press illustration board or canvas painting mostly in acrylics, dyes and some oil paint. Another technique is 3d with digital airbrush.

Mark was also a featured artist on the shopping TV channel QVC. Besides that he invented and patented a product, where framed artwork hanging on the wall easily transforms into a small coffee table, or dining table with changeable artwork.

Nostalgia combined with Sci-Fi – dive deep into Mark Watt’s collection, and get reminded and inspired at the same time! 

Mark sends a shout out to all fellow digital artists out there! What an amazing time we experience all together!
The artists in later years, when the computer became available to create Art, he did so with software as follows: Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator, Lightwave, and Vue. Also, the artist uses a combination of 3D rendered and Wacom tablet. 

Mark Watts still creates art by hand, in an old-school style and technique, like with new transformer pieces and it has a different look.

The artist told us, it seems when working by hand it is more a mantra calming, you can hear the birds chirp.

Selected interesting weblinks and interviews:

This is your chance to own a true piece of history!

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