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New Image of Myself in my Studio...With The New Transformer book in my hand.
Also Go To the new Transformers book: Legacy The Art Of Transformer Packaging - Pages that my Art is on: 7,14,15, 30, 34, 35,82, 83, -( 283 Eagle Eye ) - ( 242 Ram Jet ) - ( 264 Reflector ) 295.
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New Article On My Transformer Art At Seibertron:

Mark Watts, Artist – Transformers Art

 Mark Watts Studios is now offering Transformer Toy - Pop Culture Art Prints These are Beautiful Signed Prints on Paper, Canvas or Aluminum, I did the Original Artwork on about 45 Boxes and Blister Packs for the Transformers Toys when they 1st came out in America in around 1985 and on, Signed by the Original artist myself Mark Watts. The prints were made direct from the the Original Art of these Great Iconic Transformer Toys.
I was given the opportunity to work on some of the 1st Transformers packs from1985, 1987 and beyond…
Back in 1981, many, many illustrations ago, I was called into my Agents office. In New York I was shown the Transformers toys fresh from China, some being Prototypes. Some of the Transformers shown were being sold in China and had done very well. At that point I was given a Transformers Bible, top secret, to be kept under lock & key. It contained technical drawings of each Transformer including the placement of colors, logos, ect.
Originally I was given six to start with, they were to be used on blister packs for Autobots. Of the six toys, some I believe were Prototypes. I completed the drawings with forced perceptive to make the toys more exciting and menacing.
This first set of six were painted in Dr. Martian Dyes and Luma Dyes, completely done in Airbrush with cut frisket to protect the area not to be spread. Cut tracing paper was used to move around when spraying to create a softer edge in the reflections. Later paintings were done with Airbrushed Acrylic paints.
My objective on these illustrations was to make them as reflective as possible, like car paint--exciting with a lot of reflections.
I completed the set of six and all were very happy with the results. The rest is History I continued to work on Transformer art for many years.
You never know when a toy will take off like Transformers did and become such a sensation. It was my pleasure working on all of the illustrations for the Transformers packaging, the toys were enjoyable and I am sure they were a part of many fond childhood memories.
The Art seams like Pop Culture Art To me now so I am offering some Mark Watts Signed prints of my Transformer Art. I am offering them on Canvas, Aluminum and Paper. Please See Transformer Prints drop-down Menu Prints for prints that are available now.